The donativo was founded by Pilgrims and is now still operated by Pilgrims. It has the ambition to create a atmosphere were pilgrims can relax, share their experiences and lifestories and can recover for the long journey ahead to Santiago de Compostella or Rome. One of the unique elements is that we always cook and eat together. Generally vegetarian meals are prepared with fresh ingredients from our own biological gardens.



The “Accueil Pèlerin” will reopen again at Easter on Friday 7th of April. It will remain open until the 22nd of September.


It is now possible to leave guest reviews on Google maps. Some of these review have also been copied to his website. If you enjoyed your stay please leave a review, if not, please let us know so we can take action.


The “Accueil Pèlerin” is depending on volunteers to manage and renovate the accommodation. The planning for 2023 is completed but if you are interested please contact Le Coeur du Chemin through the contact page.



Making a reservation for the next day gives us ample time to prepare and the chance that we cannot accommodate you is very slim.

Please contact us by Whatsapp. This is the fastest way to reach us. Specify: name(s), arrival date, group size and any specific requirements you might have as well as an email address.

If you have questions or want to make reservation more than 1 weeks ahead you can use e-mail. The e-mails will be answered with 2-3 days.

Due to limitations in capacity we cannot receive groups of pilgrims (more than 4 in a party) unless previously arranged.


Le Cœur du Chemin is a Donativo on the Voie de Vézelay close to Prémery. Located 65km from Vézelay and 30 km from Nevers it is located in a quiet hamlet (le Breuil) on a 4.000 m2 property overlooking de Rolling hills of the Nièvre region, Bourgogne.


The “Accueil Pèlerin” is operated on the donativo principle. Donativo means that every pilgrims contributes, financially or otherwise, according to their possibilities. This should make it possible for everybody to do a pilgrimage, independent of their background or situation is in life. Together we maintain and support affordable accommodation and food along the routes especially in the rural areas of France.

An indication for the cost per night per person to operate the donativo and prepare the meals is 30 euro.


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