Two days before opening

In two days I will be welcoming my first pilgrim guests at Le Coeur du Chemin ! Nervous and excited. I have just finished packing the trailer and car with everything I think I might need. Although the gite “Un Pas à la Fois”, was bought with all its contents it will still be a surprise what will discover.

An exciting new period in my life is about to start where the days revolve around who is staying tonight; washing cleaning and making up the beds; how do I get dinner on the table and what stories will we share at dinner. Lending a listening ear, supporting were possible and encouraging to make the journey to Santiago (or Rome). It is interesting since I myself never made it to Santiago ! I will save that for when I retire from running the gite

The last months I spent on searching for second hand stuff for the gite on “Marktplaats” (the Dutch Le bon Coin). I bought some real treasures like a professional coffee machine, A cupboard, shelves etc. I also bought loads of tools that I think I might need for upgrading the gite and I build t customized state of the art workbench.

Besides the communication with the current owner, notary and utility suppliers I made a 3D model of the house in order to be able to add the “artist impressions” to the building permit request. During the visit in July it became apparent that the gite is located in a “natural zone” so rules are strict. That in combination with a visit to a local architect immediately moved the whole planning back 1 year, so any major works will not start until 2024.

The focus for the coming months will be on creating some extra storage space, laying the foundation for the future expansion and improving the garden. In the “house”, three small rooms will be converted into one large dormitory giving more space and improving the general appearance of that part of the building.

After long deliberation I decided to change the name to Le Coeur du Chemin. I have worked with it for almost 2 years and it has grown on me. The website has also been updated.

I prefer to communicate on the affairs of the gite via Whatsapp, so if you want to reach me contact me via Whatsapp. Email is also possible but reaction will be slower.