The deal has been closed

Yeah ! I become the new owner of the Accueil Pelerins “un Pas a la Fois” ! Two weeks ago, I was not even aware of its existence and next Monday we will travel to France to sign the purchasing documents. Good things come fast.

The last months I spent more time on the Le Chemin du Coeur Foundation than on actively searching for opportunities. I found the work for the foundation more rewarding since we were able to support some new projects that were really developed in the spirit of the Pellerinage. I had planned to walk from Rocroi to Vezelay starting the week before Easter, to look for potential buildings while walking. It turned out that was not even necessary.

While down with Corona, I was alerted to a gite coming up for sale. It is located in Premery, third stop after Vezelay on the route to Nevers. As soon as I was able to travel again I visited and two days later we had an agreement.

Un pas a la Fois is a fermette from 1850, that was renovated and run for the past 6 years by Chantal and Denis. The did a great job on renovating the pelgrims part that now has 3 rooms and 11 beds. The whole building is in a perfect technical state, but with the 4.000 m2 of land there is still enough space for me to tinker with. You can see pictures of the gite on their site

It is real now and suddenly all kind of new questions pop-up: How am I going to manage absence in France ? How many guests can I handle ? Is the oven big enough to cook for 10 people ? Where do I buy proper French wine in larger quantities;  etc etc.

Last time I already mentioned Broeder Fons “if it must be so, so be it”. The Accueil Pellerin is my future and it has to be so. I hope to make you all part of it either as guests, volunteers of just supporters.