Make dreams come true

I want to wish you a very good, healthy and joyfull 2021. May your dreams come true.

Due to all the email busy around Christmas and because I sent the previous email from a new mail account ( ), it could very well be that you missed a previous mailing before Christmas or that it came to the junk mail or commercial mail folder.

My dream is a refuge in France near Limoges. I’ve been working on that for two months now and the most tangible is the website You can register there for the newsletter on this website. I hope you do so that I can keep updating you on the progress. If you do not register, I cannot mail you again on this topic.

The last week a lot of work was done on the website also based on your comments. On the website I have also added three new pages: Inspirations,  An article I wrote for the Jacobs staff and an article on the Santiago holy year 2021. Why is it a holy year ? Read it here. I hope you like the new pages. Tips are always very welcome so that I can keep improving.


I hope you will join. Dream big and have a great 2021.

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