Spring is coming

After 3 months of hibernation, the preparation for the 2023 season has commenced. Last week was spend in Prémery. The primary goal of the visit was to deliver a new lawn mover that I bought in the Netherlands and to prune the fruit trees. Obviously this had to be done before spring starts.

Taking the opportunity some other projects were also progressed. First of all the water distribution in the gîte area, which was completely removed in October. Most pipes are back in place and to do so 36 welds had to be made on the copper system. All this to be able to install a new double sink and to connect the boiler that was relocated to make space for the new sink. A lot of plumbing works. Unfortunately I did not want to put water in the system so the testing can only be done in April. This also limited closing the wall since I have to be able to inspect all the welds.
The old kitchen in the gite has been removed and now a nice second hand kitchen needs to be found on “Marktplaats” then bring it to France and install it. About 5 weeks to find that kitchen ! Meanwhile to yoga and meditation room is also taking shape.

I was positively surprised on the condition of the whole house after three months of no occupation and no heating. No insects infestation (except some flies), no rats or mice (except 2 dead ones outside) and no moulding.
Reading this blog means you have found the new website. Besides increasing the price every year, the old provider chose to change their standard website building environment so time to change to and “open” platform. This new platform (WordPress) should enable many years of service without redevelopment of the site. If you have any comments on the new site or its functionality please let me know.

I hope you are planning your spring and summer (walking) season and if you want to visit let me know via the website or Whatsapp.